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Alright, so it’s cold, I mean seriously cold. Like 3 degrees cold! Getting out of the house in the morning is not exactly fun. So, here are my favorite, functional & stay warm must haves!

1. Fleece lined Finger-less gloves………..I know- why fingerless? Well, it’s just easier to do things with the finger-less option. Like your make up……….in the car (while parked ofcourse!) Like clipping a child in a car seat….

2. A good scarf. How about a nice warm rabbit loop scarf – check out this one on sale! Love this chunky black knit one too….and this patterned one.

3. Coats……..I wear a Classic North Face. I have been wearing mine for 5 years! It’s so warm. I get it dry cleaned at the end of the season and it’s good to go every year. I have heard Canada Goose is even warmer!!!! so check that brand out too! I really like their big hoods with fur!

4. Now, for boots – many choices here. I still swear by UGGs and really like this new pair…..I know Sorels are popular too and although I don’t love the look of the classic pair (when I have tried them on in the past), how cute is this pair?

5. Finally, you will need an adorable hat. I like ones that aren’t too tight and don’t ruin your hair! Like this one! Complete with a pompom! And I love this one – only $25 and free shipping! many colors too.

Stay warm! xxx, Nikki